Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Summer Responsibilities

So, I started this last Sunday at Fourth Presbyterian Church of South Boston, and thought I should add the catalogue of my responsibilities and related minutiae of that gig.

So here:

I. Activity Leader, Summer Meals Program, 20 hrs./wk.
In this role, I will be planning, preparing for, and executing activities at the "Imagination Station." These activities will span a breadth of styles and methods of learning, will connect with the broader themes of the Summer Meals Program, and will be specifically aimed at teaching a variety of different kinds of imagination (kinesthetic, visual, auditory, verbal, theatrical, musical, and anything else that I can finagle). These responsibilities to commence with the beginning of Summer Meals in early July.

II. Director/Coordinator, Wednesday Evening Worship, 5 hrs./wk.
I will be organizing and running the Fourth Church evening, outdoor worship service on Wednesday evenings. This includes structuring worship, consulting with musicians and worship leaders, selecting liturgy, assuring smooth function of services, occasionally preaching, locating other preachers, and generally being the go-to person for this event. I will also be double-checking and coordinating the food and cooking portions of the event.

III. Adult Sunday School Class Leader, 5 hrs./wk.
I will run an adult Sunday school class for most of June and part of July. I will frame each class's issue, provide a structure for debate and discussion, be available to answer questions, and facilitate a frank and earnest exploration of each week's issue. I will also ask around and encourage people to attend each class.

IV. Worship Leadership and Assistance, 4 hrs./wk.
I will provide any necessary assistance to the smooth running of the Sunday worship service, as well as preaching on three occasions over the course of the summer. This includes participation in choir, and any other tasks which require assistance.

V. Web Consultant, 1 hr./wk
I will update the church website, and then write a document instructing future users in how to make the same updates. I will also be available to answer web and technical questions for the church in general.

Ask questions if you got 'em!


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