Friday, May 29, 2009

Return of the...Thing: Spring '09

...testing. Are...are we live?

Oh! There you are. 


Without further ado: the Rundown.

1. New Testament:

Have you ever been really excited about a class or seminar, and then gotten into it and discovered that you already had extensive background in nearly everything under discussion in the class? My background in Classics put me at a distinct advantage - we spent much of the class on the Greco-Roman context of the New Testament, which I already knew. This is not to say that I learned nothing. As I had hoped, I got a much more solid understanding of the Epistles: to whom they were written, when, and what their major thrusts were. Overall, it was a good grounding for me in the distinction of biblical texts.

2. Moral Formation in Children's Fantasy Literature

I believe that someone was asking why precisely I was buying books that had so much to do with wizards. This class was positively amazing - a real and sincere discussion of the cultural implications and use for church of this broad array of fantasy books, from CS Lewis to Philip Pullman. I got to read a bunch of fantasy I'd been meaning to get to, and to discuss the elements of good moral instruction for young people. I also got to work on a fantasy piece of my own - when the whole thing's done, all and sundry'll get a copy. This was a nice combination of light material and heavy conversation.

3. The Tempest

I got a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream, here - I was FINALLY in a Shakespeare play. I played one of the clowns, Trinculo, and got the line "Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows." There will likely be a DVD that I will bring home later this summer. I had a great time dusting off my acting skills, and getting to work on some Shakespeare was a true delight. I'm already considering working on the play next year. 

4. SHORT TERM: Greek Exegesis of Philippians and Philemon

This was, far and away, the most awesome class of my term. A month of Greek, three hours a day, digging into the really hopeful book of Philippians, as well as the less hopeful, but deeply interesting book of Philemon. I reflexed my Greek muscles. I got to meet and work with some really neat folks, and read St. Thomas Aquinas' commentary on Philippians. Odds are good that I'll be preaching on Philippians in the near term. A very inspiring class.

5. Everything Else

I spent most of the spring working at the Bonner Foundation. That was a fine gig, but I'm quite excited to move on to both my summer and next academic year field ed. positions. I'm also hoping, next year, to work as a computer repair contractor, and possibly tutoring Latin. 

I've located a really solid group of friends, theologically solid and helpful, people with whom I can relax and work. I'm moving next year onto a floor with a bunch of other good guy friends. Socially, all is well. 

I'm at Fourth Presbyterian in South Boston this summer, and at Six Mile Run Reformed in Franklin Park, NJ next year, and I'll be taking Hebrew, among other things yet to be determined.

That's the news from Princeton. Do you have other questions? Need more detail on some part of the term-in-review? Comment here, or drop me a line at

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